Governor Ron DeSantis has signed the Parents’ Bill of Rights into Law.

Florida parents, future generations are counting on us! Please get involved in your local communities, cities and counties on behalf of your family and your Parental Rights.

Together, we will make the difference by standing in the gap now for our children and future generations!

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agree that parents have the right to make decisions for their children without government interference
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Up to 83% of all investigations are ultimately concluded to have involved no abuse or neglect—only innocent families.
states include disability as grounds for termination of parental rights.
Why Do We Need A Parents Bill of Rights in Florida?

Most Florida Parents Don't Know...

  • Your rights as a parent should be simple to understand and protect.
  • Statutes outlining parental rights are currently scattered confusingly throughout Florida law.
  • They do not provide clear, comprehensive guidelines to agencies.
  • This confusion for parents and governmental agencies results in undue infringement upon the rights of parents.
  • Passing the “Parent’s Bill of Rights” will consolidate current parental rights laws into one comprehensive statute providing clear and concise guidelines for Florida citizens and government agencies.

what's the solution?

  1.  A grassroots movement of Florida citizens embracing their fundamental rights as parents and actively engaging in the Florida legislative process and working with government to secure those rights.
  2. Florida Legislators passing this common-sense law that acknowledges the fundamental rights and responsibilities of parents to raise their children and outlines the role government plays in helping protect the rights of these parents and children.

When it comes to raising children,


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Florida Parents - It's time to make history!

Are You Ready to fight for parental rights in Florida?

Your involvement brings hope to Florida and its families.


Why do we need the Parents Bill of Rights in Florida? How do we get it?


Your involvement brings hope to Florida and its families!


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This is a grassroots movement. You are our lobbyist. We can’t do this without your help!

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