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Parental Rights Florida

The Florida Parents' Bill of Rights is Now Law

A Door of Hope

Florida parents, future generations are counting on us! Please get involved in your local communities, cities and counties on behalf of your family and your Parental Rights.

Together, we will make the difference by standing in the gap now for our children and future generations!

Florida's Parental Rights Legislative Timeline

2012 - 2017

Language Introduced Several Times

2019 - 2021

Rep. (Now Senator) Erin Grall Introduced the Parents’ Bill of Rights Over 3 Legislative Sessions.


Parents’ Bill Of Rights Became Law


Parental Rights In Education Became Law


Legislation Passed to Further Strengthen Parental Rights and Protect Children

What can you do?

Right now, you can encourage your U.S. representative to sign on as a cosponsor to HJRes. 38. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Find your representative’s contact information here.

  2. Email or call your representative’s office. Tell their staff that you are a constituent and that you are urging your member of Congress to sign on as a cosponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment, House Joint Resolution 38


Your message can simply be something like this:

I live in Rep. _____’s district, and I value the role of parents in the life of a child. I’m calling to urge my representative to contact Annie Clark in Rep. Debbie Lesko’s office and sign on as a cosponsor of HJRes. 38, the Parental Rights Amendment. Please sign on to cosponsor this vital safeguard for my children and for America’s families.

For our children our our future generations!


When it comes to raising children,


are better than


Parental Rights Florida
Parental Rights FloridaJun 17, 2024 @ 10:30am
Congratulations and a Call To Action for Florida Parents and Citizens!

Congratulations to Jackie Rosario. Jackie, a local school board member in Florida, has issued a first-of-its-kind historical proclamation. This proclamation, designating October as Parental Rights and Appreciation Month, is a testament to parents' contributions and rights. Jackie, your leadership continues to set a precedent for acknowledging and supporting parental involvement in our schools. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive educational environment.

As an engaged citizen, you can impact your local Florida community and help designate October as Parental Rights and Appreciation Month!

Visit our website in the "Resources" tab to download the free PDF proclamation template based on the Florida Parents' Bill of Rights language. We have made it incredibly easy for you. Three templates with specific language for local school boards, city councils, and county commissions are also available. Take it directly to one of your local government officials and ask them to initiate this proclamation. Your voice and action can make a significant difference in our community.

Our families are the heart of our communities. This initiative, which highlights the vital role of parents and families, is a testament to the strength and unity of our community. Your participation in this initiative is not just appreciated, it's essential. Together, we can make a difference and create a community that truly values and supports parents.

Download the free PDF templates today, and let's make a difference together!

#WeTheFLParents #ParentalRightsFL #FloridaFamiliesFirst

Florida Parents - We Made History!

Are You Ready to Lead the Way for Our Nation?

Families are the heart of our neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties, states, and nation.


Refocus and recommit to your children in your parent-child relationship.  ebuild where necessary. Access resources to assist in understanding the role and responsibility of parents. Support other families.


Become informed about Florida Parental Rights Laws. Put the “Florida  Parents’ Bill of Rights Guide Book” into the hands of every family in Florida. 


Get Involved

Engage with other parents. Attend local, city, county, and state meetings on behalf of parental rights. Educate local government leaders about parental rights laws. Protect your children from entities that do not honor or respect  the role of parents within your community.

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