Why we need

the parent's bill of rights in florida

  • Your rights as a parent should be simple to understand and protect.
  • Statutes outlining parental rights are currently scattered confusingly throughout Florida law.
  • They do not provide clear comprehensive guidelines to agencies.
  • This confusion for parents and governmental agencies results in undue infringement upon the rights of parents.
  • Passing the “Parent’s Bill of Rights” will consolidate current parental rights laws into one comprehensive statute providing clear and concise guidelines for Florida citizens and government agencies.

Parents in Action - The Way Foward



Refocus and recommit to your children in your parent-child relationship. Rebuild where necessary. Access resources to assist in understanding the role and responsibility of parents.

Support other familes.

Families are the heart of our neighborhoods, communities, cities, countries, states and nation.



Become informed about Florida Parents Rights Laws at www.myfloridahouse.gov.

Put the "Florida Parents' Bill of Rights Guide Book" into the hands of every family in Florida.



Take action. Engage with other parents at the local level. Attend school board, city, county, and state meetings on behalf of parental rights.

Educate local government leaders about parents rights laws. Protect your children and your family from entities that do not honor or respect the role of parents and families in your community.

Dear Florida parents,

it's time to make history.

Your involvement brings hope for the future of Florida and our families.

How can I
get involved?

This is a volunteer led, grassroots movement.

We believe that thousands of Florida parents are determined to stand on behalf of Florida familes.

But Don't Stop There...

We need your help to

Get Others Involved!

Share the Parental Rights Issue with Family and Friends

Host a Webinar

Build awareness and community in your area of the state

Share the Parental Rights for FL e-book

Share Calls to Action from Websites, Emails and Social Media