Protecting Children
by Empowering Parents

Parental Rights Florida

Why we need

the parental Rights Amendment

For almost 100 years, the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the traditional role of parents in directing the care, custody, and control of their minor children. In Wisconsin v. Yoder, the Court declared that parental rights have been “established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition.” 406 US 205, 232 (1972)

Despite this, many government actors and agencies today are working overtime to substitute a parent’s decisions with the government worker’s own view of what is best for a given child. From schools to hospitals to child welfare investigators, “experts” think they know what’s best for your child better than you do.

And while this has been going on for decades, we have all become painfully aware of it since the recent pandemic, when many learned for the first time just how much power the government wants to have over our children.

Yet, every child is unique; no one knows or loves a child better than his or her own parents.

Mom or Dad, you are the expert on your child.

Parents in Action - The Way Foward



Refocus and recommit to your children in your parent-child relationship. Rebuild where necessary. Access resources to assist in understanding the role and responsibility of parents.

Support other familes.

Families are the heart of our neighborhoods, communities, cities, countries, states and nation.



Become informed about Florida Parental Rights Laws.

Put the "Florida Parents' Bill of Rights Guide Book" into the hands of every family in Florida.



Engage with other parents. Attend local, city, county and state meetings on behalf of parental rights.

Educate local government leaders about parents rights laws. Protect your children and your family from entities that do not honor or respect the role of parents and families in your community.

Dear Florida Parents,

We made History! What can we do next to lead the way for our nation?

The Parental Rights Amendment will protect the traditional role of parents as long recognised by the US Supreme Court, restoring the proper balance of parental authority against governmental decision making. This fundamental right is so important that we cannot rely on just Supreme Court precedent. Parental rights must be established beyond debate in the black and white of the text of the U.S. Constitution. And that is exactly what the Parental Rights Amendment will accomplish.

By empowering parents – those who know and love their children best – the Amendment will protect children from misinformed, cookie-cutter bureaucracy.

Sign On! Members of Congress are urged to support parents and families by signing on to cosponsor HJRes. 38.

To do so, contact Annie Clark in the office of Re. Debbie Lasko:

How can I
get involved?

Now is the time!

The goal is for every Florida Congressional District Representative to co-sponsor the Parental Rights Amendment.

But Don't Stop There...

We need your help to

Get Others Involved!

Share the Parental Rights Issue with Family and Friends

Host a Webinar

Build awareness and community in your area of the state

Share the Parental Rights for FL e-book

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