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Parental Rights Florida

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Who We Are

We are an advancing grassroots movement of Florida citizen parents. We believe that parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children. We acknowledge that the family is the heart of our state and nation. When the fundamental rights of parents are respected and families are valued, the result is strengthened communities. We are calling for and working with Florida Legislators to pass common-sense laws that respect the fundamental rights of parents.

Children need to be raised and represented by parents who love them, not by disconnected government officials. When it comes to raising children, parents are better than the government.

Where we have been

Recent History of the
Florida Parental Rights Movement


Florida adopted a Memorial, HM 557 and SM 954, sponsored by Rep. Coley and Sen. Flores, respectively. This Memorial passed in both Florida houses by an overwhelming majority and called on Congress to pass a federal Parental Rights Amendment.

2012 – 2014

No Legislative action.


Rep. Michael Bileca sponsored HB 737 “Parental Rights” and Sen.Thad Altman co-sponsored with SB 1532. Both bills died in Committees.


Several legislators considered sponsoring a Parental Rights bill. No forward progress. 


Rep. Erin Grall sponsored HB 1171 and Sen. Joe Gruters co-sponsored with SB 1726. HB 1171 passed favorably through 2 Committees. SB 1726 passed through 1 Committee. Several Co-Sponsors logged on and the Bill gained bi-partisan support. Legislative Session ended with 3 of 6 Committees passing the Bill favorably. Florida parents engaged in a growing grassroots effort to show support.


Once again, Rep. Erin Grall sponsored HB 1059 “Parent’s Bill of Rights”. Sen. Kelli Stargel co-sponsored with SB 1634. Support continued to grow and HB1059 had bi-partisan support with 19 co-sponsors. For the first time ever, HB 1059 passed favorably through all 3 Committees and passed on the Florida House Floor. SB 1634 passed in 2 Committees and died in the Rules Committee. A groundswell of engaged Florida parents joined in the grassroots movement and provided thousands of emails, calls, and interactions with their legislators.


The Florida Parents’ Bill of Rights is Now Law!

Parents throughout Florida and the U.S. continue to proactively engage within local communities. New state-wide and national parental rights groups are formed. Coalitions continued to work together to educate, inform and empower parents to understand and stand for their rights. 


Parental Rights in Education bill becomes law.


The parental rights movement continues.

We're all
in this together