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Florida father speaks out after alleged mistreatment of autistic child at school

An Okaloosa County father is sharing his story after receiving a school district investigation report that accuses his child’s teacher of mistreating his child.

DISTURBING: Autistic Child Abused at School in Okaloosa County, Three Educators Arrested

A Fort Walton Beach teacher has been charged with child abuse after an investigation revealed she allegedly committed several despicable actions against a special needs student.

Eddie Perillo files far-reaching lawsuit

The father of an autistic boy who suffered alleged abuse at Kenwood Elementary School is demanding a trial by jury, according to the lawsuit filed with the U.S. District Court in Pensacola on Wednesday. 

Mother wants notification of child abuse cases

“I find it absurd that if someone witnesses a teacher knock a student down or forces a student to sit in a basket, that no one feels it is their duty to call a parent.”

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