Protecting Children
by Empowering Parents

Parental Rights Florida


  1. Become informed with the Florida Law entitled “Parents’ Bill of Rights” at Search for Parents’ Bill of Rights and find the “Enrolled” version.

  2. Help us reach the goal of putting the “Florida Parents’ Bill of Rights Guide Book” into the hands of every family in Florida.

  3. Decide as a family to take action. Engage in your local community with the common sense understanding that children belong to parents, not the government or institutions.

  4. Communicate and join with like-minded parents and local parental rights groups. Stand with other parents at school board meetings, community meetings, city meetings, county meetings, and state meetings on behalf of parental rights.

  5. Educate local government leaders about the parental rights issue. Put the “Florida Parents’ Bill of Rights Guide Book” into the hands of leaders. Protect your children and your family from entities that do not honor or respect the role of parents and families in your community.

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Together, we can impact change and make a difference, right now, for our children and future generations!